Basic concept of maintenance

We all are well known about maintenance. Maintenance is very essential for smooth running of plant or it helps to reduce down time and increase our production, and also when there are low deviation in machine or we can say that if any machine are well maintained then it produce quality product. So running or operation of equipment is based on maintenance but maintenance also stands on three main pillars these are call base of maintenance.

These are RAL or we can represent them with name- rigidity, alignment and lubrication. While we performing the maintenance work we must care about these things to increase the running hour and reduce breakdown of equipment.

Benefit of these function are given below.

Rigidity – mean tightness, we must check that equipment are well tighten up to suitable torque   with base or mountings. We should provide lock nut in every place if possible to prevent from loosen. For understand this we take a example of centrifugal pump drive with pulley drive and base bolt of this got loosen then it create vibration, there are many failure that occur due to vibration in machine. So prevent from these type of failure we provide lock nut there.

Benefits are –

  1. Prevent from vibration
  2. Prevent from immature failure.
  3. Increase the life of equipment

Alignment – second things that are very essential for increase the life of equipments that are alignment, if a equipment is well align then it create less sound  and less vibration. It prevent from immature failure of equipment.  For example  if bearings are not align then chance of bearing failure is increase more times than align bearings or if pulley are not in alignment properly then there is sudden failure of v belts occur.

Lubrication- it is most important pillar of maintenance, our near about 35 to 40 percent maintenance are based on lubrication. Proper lubrication of equipments increasing their life many times.  It prevent from immature failure. We always care that we must use suitable lubrication for particular job.




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